Tesco Value Fun Gallery
Many supermarket chains seem to provide their own "economy" range of products. For some reason, Tesco's own Tesco Value range seems to spring to mind most readily. Maybe it is the design of the label. Either way, the Tesco Value monicker has come to be associated with any product or service that appears "cheap and nasty". People will even borrow the tag to use for their own humourous purposes.

I remember when someone posted on a forum a picture of a Tesco Value Valentine's Day card. Many people asked whether the card in the photo was genuine! Would Tesco really sell such a product?! Clearly something caught on, and a whole host of unlikely looking Tesco Value items have been popping up on the Net.

This site brings all of those pictures together in one place. Do pass this site on. In fact, tell all of your friend. What's more, you are free to contribute any pictures that are not already featured on the site. The following will do the trick.

Please also visit the fantastic TescoValueCards.com and send someone a smile.
For some strange reason, Tesco don't appear to like them, so grab those cards while you can!


You were probably no doubt aware of the rioting, and the resultant looting that took place in the UK. Most looters would tend to grab high-value items such as LCD TV sets, turbo-charged training shoes, alcohol and suchlike. One looter, however, surpassed all expectations - he chose only to make off with a large bag of Tesco Value basmati rice. Never mind DVD's, cigarettes, alcohol, electrical goods or any of that malarkey - a good, honest £4 sack of Tesco Value basmati rice.

All dressed up with obligatory gun pose!
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